Instagram is on FIRE with posts of a group of women who are openly sharing their faces and experiences in federal prison. Scrolling through the posts of Jamila T. Davis (@jamilatdavis), Aisha Hall (@therealaishahall), Sunshine Smith-Williams (@sunnymoneyqueens) and Brandi Davis (@freeprettygirls), you would think you are watching an episode of “Orange Is The New Black.” They have been praised for their beauty and their fascinating story lines, yet nothing about their lives is fiction. These women are the real deal! Three of them were sentenced to decade plus prison terms for non-violent crimes. Two of them were recently released.
IMG_3349 Through pictures and words posted on Instagram, these courageous women reveal their stories, how they landed in prison and why they united to create change. With the power of social media their posts have gone viral and gained supporters from across the world, including celebrities such as Teresa Giudice, Monica Brown, and Jadakiss.
What makes these federal prisoners stand out is their talent and determination. While incarcerated each of them have written books to shed light about their cause. Collectively, they have become best selling authors, obtained multiple college degrees, written musicals and plays, created and produced films and designed a program to reduce recidivism amongst ex-offenders, all from behind bars!
According to a recent post from @jamilatdavis, these freedom fighters decided it was time to take back their power and turn their pain into purpose. Their passion to make a difference has started a movement!
For more information about these women and their plight to create change, follow them on Instagram @jamilatdavis, @therealaishahall, @sunnymoneyqueens and @freeprettygirls. To find out more their cause, please visit www.womeonoverincarcerated.org.

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