Eye’z is the next singer songwriter to blow guaranteed!


Eye’z got her start singing when she was a toddler with her opera singing auntie the inspiration got Eye’z at a very young age and began singing on her own. Being inspired by the little mermaid Judy garland and Micheal Jackson. Now all grown up this songbird has a new television series “Birthday Drama” All about her birthday!
DSC01046Eye’z experiences everything from joy inspiration and the spiritual growth that comes with everyone’s birthday on this series.
The beautiful young songstress also records her new music on the documentary, and takes you on a first hand journey of what its like to be a recording artist in the 21st century.
She is just more than a pretty face, she sings writes her own music and composes on her own piano which is a hard find now a days. This talented artist keeps impressing throughout the series as she; performs, goes on auditions and promotes her material live on various platforms all while searching for the perfect birthday.DSC01060
Eye’z is best known for her role in the hit musical the Barbary coast revue as miss Maggie understudy and the great Madame Ah Toy.

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