Dr. LaVern McCants’ Contributions Greatly influence Positive Futures for Youth and Rising Generations

Dr. LaVern McCants writes books for women,Single Lady WIse Combo girls, boys, parents, teachers, and school administrators. She is an education expert, writer, and School Improvement Consultant. McCants has been named The Solution Provider for Rising Generations.  

Her books for women help women live the lives they deserve and travel the paths designed for them to travel.  Many fine Dr McCants in Black and White Furmagazines and newspapers in the United States and other countries globally have recognized and acknowledged the great work that this woman has done for women, youth, parents, educators, and other school officials of different capacities.

Her most recent completed book was Single Lady Wise Talk: The Rule-Changer, and her other upcoming release scheduled for late this month is Wise Girl Talk. Visit www.singleladywisetalk.com to read additional information about Single Lady Wise Talk: The Rule-Changer and visit www.wisegirltalk.com to read information about her soon-to-be-released, Wise Girl Talk. Her official website is www.lavernmccants.com

On the personal side, our magazine has discovered that McCants is a warm person and God-fearing woman with a heart to help. She is also extremely humble about her significant accomplishments. 

She is a writer, education expert, and School Improvement Consultant. She says that designing fashions is very therapeutic for her, but with writing being such a time-consuming profession, she is unsure if she will ever take her fashion designs, LaVern McCants, to the level where it is considered designs that are respected as “a fashion success.” She says that she highly respects the fashion industry and is knowledgeable about the industry because her late mother that was an author, was also a fashion executive for many years. 

Many of McCants’ books are for the youth population. When told that she is an outstanding leader and example for youth, she has been quoted as saying, “Good leaders learn from great leaders.” This humble but very accomplished and esteemed writer gives much credit for her work in the field of education to her doctoral Poster 3 of Single Ladyadvisor, several outstanding supervisors that she says that she was extremely fortunate to be trained by in the educational field, and several outstanding professors that trained her on the essentials of how to help move youth forward.  McCants says.  “There is only one way to direct youth and that is in a forward direction.”

Her upcoming ng books and newly released books for 2021 are as follows: What Every Teenager Needs to KnowChoices That Lead to a Promising Future, Parents Right to KnowProven Methods on How to Influence Youth to Make Wise and Responsible Decisions That Lead to Promising FuturesEvery Girl Deserves to Live Her Dreams, From Boy to ManhoodEvery Boy Has an Opportunity to Become a Great Man, Bullying Stops Here, The Secrets of High-Performing Classrooms, The Secrets of High-Performing Schools and The Essentials to Increase Parental Involvement in Any K-12 School: Knowledge That Every Educator Must Know. She says that she has several upcoming book releases because she has been researching and writing for many years. 

Dr. McCants’ books can be purchased at www.singleladywisetalk.com,www.lavernmccants.comwww.wisegirltalk.comwww.lavernmccantsbooks.com, on Amazon, from Barnes & Noble and also from booksellers worldwide. Both pre-orders and McCants’ books currently on the market can also be purchased from New York Worldwide Publishers® by phone at 212-NYC-0000. 

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Dr. McCants will be featured in a100-City Empowerment Tour sponsored by New York Worldwide Publishers® starting in late 2021. Meet her in your city. Also, purchase her new releases now and place pre-orders for upcoming releases at www.lavernmccants.com or via phone at 212-NYC-0000, on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, and at other booksellers worldwide.