5 Tried and Tested Ways to Store Fur Coat

Clothing or accessories made out of fur is pretty expensive. After investing a bomb on fur coats, it is vital to maintain it. If you do not take care of your fur coat correctly – it can easily get damaged to impact negatively on its durability. Check out some of the interesting ways to preserve your fur coat:

  • Dark place keeps your fur coat fresh

The right place to store fur coat is a dark place like closet. Make sure the closet is placed away from sunlight. Sunlight and fur do not really go well. Well, wearing fur coat in sunlight might not cause damage right away. But, continuous exposure to sunlight in storage places can do more harm than good. Also, avoid placing fur coats close to radiators or heat generators. This can result in loss of fur hair leading to bald spots on fur coat.

  • Choose the right hanger for fur coat

It is imperative to choose the right hanger for your fur coat. Fur coats are usually on the heavier side and that is why – hanger should be sturdy enough to carry its weight. Say a big ‘No’ to plastic hangers or wired hangers. They are lightweight and can damage the shoulder part, by either stretching it or distorting it. Best choice is to – pick a thick wooden hanger or padded hanger. They are super safe and strong to hang in your fur coats.

  • Store your fur coat magnificently

Make sure not to dump your fur coat along with the other coats in closet. Fur coat needs ample space to breathe. If there is no enough space in your closet, better to move the other coats to a different place. Choose a spacious cloth bag for your fur coat to comfortably fit in. Avoid plastic cover bags to store fur coats, it absorbs the moisture and makes the fur dryer. To choose the right coat bag, you could either pick it up from the fur coat shop or even buy one online.

  • Avoid naphthalene balls and cedar closets

Choose a right closet to store fur coats. It is best to avoid cedar closets for fur storage. Cedar wood or timber absorbs moisture in the air and eventually dehydrates the fur. Cedar also has a powerful smell and there are high chances of this smell getting absorbed by fur coat. Avoid placing mothballs anywhere close to fur coats. They react in air to exude gas, in turn causing inevitable damage to precious fur coats.

  • Seek professional help for fur storage

Fur care is no easy task, but fur storage can be a cake walk with professional help. If you live in a place, where you experience extreme heat and humidity – You could seek professional help for fur storage. A professional furrier can preserve your fur coats with utmost care. Professional furrier stores your fur coat at best possible temperature and humidity to ensure longevity. But before accepting your fur coat, professional furrier does a thorough examination to inspect any damages to let you know about it.