5 Ways To Properly Take Care Of Your Hair After Straightening

5 tips

If you have had your hair straightened recently, then you will have to take special care to ensure that the hair does not suffer any damage. And to help you with this, we list out five things you should know that will help you keep straight hair healthy.

Avoid Heating

If you have a habit of using a heating rod on wet hair, then you must stop it immediately since it can weaken and break your hair. Plus, the hair will feel rough to touch and frizzy as well. In the worst case, a few hairs might also be burned off. But if you are obsessed with using a heating rod, then wait for the hair to at least dry for about a few minutes so that they are only about 20% wet. When using a blow dryer, set it to eject cold air.

Use Natural Oils

You can also use natural oils to strengthen the hair. Just apply it to your scalp, wait for about 15 minutes, and then wash it off. Do this two times a week, and your hair will get stronger over time. Just remember to cover the head with a towel after applying the oil since this gives you the best results.  Recommended natural oils include olive oil, coconut oil, and almond oil.

Avoid Other Treatments

Once you have straightened your hair chemically, it can take about six months for it to regain its natural shine and health. And during this period, it is very important that you don’t let the hair undergo any other treatments. Because if you do, then there is a chance that you might damage the hair. So, let the hair get back its vitality, and then you can do other procedures.

Avoid Sunlight

Excessive exposure to sunlight can damage the hair. And considering that the hair at its weakest because of undergoing the chemical treatment, exposure to sunlight for too long a period must be avoided at all costs. So, wear a hat when going out and ensure that the entire headed is shielded from the sunlight.

Conditioning And Shampooing

A good way to nurse the hair back to it is natural health is to use conditioners on a regular basis. In fact, you can condition daily, if you do feel like it. This will help in bringing back the shine to the hair. Plus, remember to avoid shampoo, at least during the initial weeks after straightening your hair.  But if you do feel like using shampoo, apply it only once every two or three days.

So, apply the above to your routine and your hair will remain protected. And if you want to experiment with the look of your hair, head over to the websites like https://www.headcurve.com/sandra-bullock/, which contain hundreds of examples of hairstyles perfect for straight hair.

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