What You Need To Know About Restyling A Fur Coat


Restyling a fur coat involves changing the look of the coat as per your specific styling requirements. But before you even start searching for a furrier who can restyle your coat, you need to have a clear idea of how exactly you want the fur restyled.

Deciding The Style

You can decide how you want the coat to be restyled by checking through the various fashion websites, magazines etc. Look at the various styles and find out those which you think can be adapted for your fur coat. Remember that a furrier is not a magician who can style the coat whichever way you fancy. Fur coat restyling is limited by many factors like type of fur, the age of the coat and so on. The furrier can only work within these limitations. So, only pick the styles you think they may be able to do.

And once you have made a list of your preferred styles, then only contact the furrier. Send them the pictures and ask whether they can restyle your coat in any of the styles you have sent. If they cannot fully adopt the style, they will tell you as to what is possible. And if you are okay with it, you can give the coat for restyling. But make sure that you clearly understand the changes they are proposing before you provide the fur coat. Otherwise, you might expect one style but may end up getting a slightly different style that might not be to your liking.

Restyling Tips

You can restyle the fur coat in many ways that can make it look fresh and stylish. A most popular way is to shorten the coat. Usually, the fur coats are long and have a very formal air about them. And if your coat is just like that, then shortening it can make it look trendy and allow you to wear it on casual occasions. You can also get the shoulders restyled.  If you coat is an old style, then the shoulders might be designed to look stiff. Ask the furrier to soften the shoulders a bit and you can end up with a coat that has a more modern look, thanks to the free flowing shoulder style.  In addition, you can also restyle the coat by having the fur sheared, adding zippers, adding fur trim and so on.

If you want a specific style, but the furrier says that it may not be good for the coat, then do yourself a favor and heed their words. The furrier has long years of experience backing them. And it is with this knowledge that they are warning you about a potential damage that can occur if they try to restyle the coat as per your specific needs. The ideal thing to do is to free yourself from your blind desire for a specific style and work with the furrier to finalize a style that is not only fashionable but also does not damage the coat in any way.

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