Dana Farmer open New Brand Posh Pocket Pups

Headquartered in Toronto with locations in Los Angeles and Dubai. Posh Pocket Pups has just streamlined its website so all prices are by breed, to keep it simple for the client. Want a micro teacup Yorkie? They are all $3800-the catch is first come first serve and some are more fabulous than others!

“As experienced pet and business owners for over 20 years, we wanted to offer new puppy owners a true luxury experience and back it with awesome customer service,” the company owner, layla Tayeb, commented. “This serves as the foundation of Posh Pocket Pups. We listen to our clients and this new pricing policy is just one of the ways to show we are.”

Posh Pocket Pups is a relatively new online service with a fresh approach to selling exclusive and exquisite teacup puppies. The company concept is to actually pair the buyer with the micro teacup puppy that is a custom fit. Posh Pocket Pups also takes pride in offering pint size IMG_3753pups that are not only healthy and beautiful, they are of loving temperaments as well.

Currently, the company has micro teacup puppy for sale, white teacup Pomeranian for sale, teacup Yorkie for sale and others as well. As the puppies are waiting to be adopted, they are nurtured by puppy nannies with over 10 years of experience in the exclusive field of puppy management. Care is provided by the nannies 24 hours a day to insure that each puppy receives the ultimate care.

Upon entering Posh Pocket Pups, each micro teacup puppy for sale as well as all other miniature breeds sold there got through rigorous medicalIMG_3040 check-ups that are performed at a pet hospital location. There, the puppies undergo treatments for disease prevention and are introduced to house training and other basic trainings as well. Upon completion of the process, the micro teacup puppy for sale is ready for his or her new home.

The new website changes make it easier to navigate the site1 to find answers to questions as well as to locate the perfect posh pup. For instance, one who is in search of a white teacup Pomeranian for sale can easily look through photos and available information about the pups in order to find the dog they are looking for. Others may not have a specific dog they are searching for and may spot a photo and information of a teacup Yorkie for sale, for example. The new site set up makes it simple to find more out about the teacup Yorkie and follow through with the purchase. So no matter if one is in search of a specific pup or stumbles across one of interest, the new store website improvements provides ease and simplicity.

Posh Pocket Pups is available for not only those within the United States but the service is offered internationally as well. A number of perks are provided for a price such as special nanny services. Shipping is an option nationally and internationally as well.

Puppy photos are updated bi-weekly so if one is interested in a micro teacup puppy for sale, the site makes it easy to keep up with the pup. Specific additional video or photo requests are available with a holding deposit of $1,000. If after viewing the video or photo, it is decided that the dog is not wanted, the sale can be cancelled within 24 hours.

Posh Pocket Pups is a fresh new approach to purchasing pint size puppies.IMG_2893 The new website is a reflection of the care and concern the company wishes to bestow upon its customers to make shopping for their new mini a magical experience.

For those who are looking for a micro teacup puppy for sale or would like to know more about the puppies or the process, the updated revamped site can be found at

The Posh Pocket Pups Facebook site is


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