Pop Folk Singer Céline Schmink Shares Secrets About Her French Lifestyle

Céline Schmink

French Artist and Singer-Songwriter Céline Schmink (LPs : « Paris-Memphis », « Lil’wild ones » and « Solo rider ») is also an influent blogger to follow ! On HealthyBeautyPlace.com (LeBlogDeCeline.com), her blog about Fashion and Lifestyle, she shares her daily news, music and much more : rock’n’roll and folk looks, favourite shops, spots and walks in France… We’ve met her for an interview. Just relax and enjoy !

Céline Schmink

Hi Céline, how are you?
Céline Schmink : I’m fine, thank you. I am divided between my family, my pregnancy and my music. The baby is due in February. I also work on my “Héroïnescence” album which will contain 10 songs of love. I work with Eric Miller who works with the Greats of french pop scene. The new LP will have an electro-indie touch.

Is Céline Schmink your real name or have you changed your name legally ?

Céline Schmink :  Céline Schmink is my real name. There is only one Céline Schmink in France !

Where were you born?

Céline Schmink :   I was born in Montreuil, a suburb city close to Paris… It became such a « bobo » (short for bourgeois bohemian) upper-middleclass place. My parents were born in Paris, so I’m a real Parisian woman !

Where do you live?

Céline Schmink : Now I live in a small village near Epernay, lost in the Champagne’s vineyards but I’m in Paris for music, recordings and shootings two days a week. I would like to move to Camden, London or Lux, I don’t know… Maybe one day. Choosing a new place to live is a big family deal !

Did you work while you trying to break into singing?

Céline Schmink : Yes of course. I worked in advertising, press and journalism. I’ve also been a dance and a fitness teacher. Now I only work on my music and my health ! Singing, writing songs, recording tracks, being ready for a photo shooting is a full-time job ! You can’t be efficient if you see your art as a part time job…

Let’s talk about lifestyle and fashion ! Describe your style !
Céline Schmink : I think my style is natural, a mix of biker, boho and vintage (60’s) styles, but sometimes I also wear glamorous dresses or effortless outfits and flapper style. That’s a combo genre !

How important is your look, I mean outfits, hair, beauty routines?

Céline Schmink :  I think appearance and health are very important when you work in the artistic sphere because every event is an opportunity for you to show your deep personality with pics, videos, interviews… So health, beauty, fashion and body make a whole. I like very long hair, natural make up and slimness. Personally I don’t like short hair that make women so unattractive.

Would you ever get plastic surgery?

Céline SchminkI don’t know… Maybe one day… I do hope not before 50 ! I think if you have a very healthy way of life you don’t age so quickly… As a general goal, I aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity every morning.

Do you have a style icon ?

Céline Schmink :  I like Cindy Crawford, Brooke Shields, Drew Barrymore, Brigitte Bardot, Lisa Marie Presley and June Carter Cash. They both are beautiful ladies.

Which are your favourite Paris stores?

Céline Schmink : I like the Xuly Bet shop in Les Halles’ Mall and the Meral shop in Rue Pastourelle. It’s not far from « Le marché des enfants rouges », such a great place and the oldest covered market in Paris. It was established in the 1600s and is located in Rue de Bretagne.

Where do you shop ?

Céline Schmink : I like to shop in « Le Marais » (Paris), in Camden (London) or in Uccle (Belgium).

Do you have a favourite walk in the city?

Céline Schmink : I like to walk in Montmartre, Paris, in the sunny weather. I also like the town of Epernay surrounded by vines. I like to walk down the « Avenue de Champagne » at Christmas time, with its great mansion façades, lights and luxurious homes occupied by very famous Champagne Houses.

Can you reveal any other secret spots in France?

Céline Schmink : I love Vallon Pont d’Arc, a peaceful village located near the descent of the Gorge of the wild Ardèche River. I also enjoy spending my holidays in Les Saintes Maries de la Mer, a town situated in the Rhône River delta. There’s a large blue lagoon there. My zen spots are the small villages of Orches and Saint Romain in Burgundy. Another place to experience meditation and peace : the village of Evenos in Provence. For spending a medieval moment, I recommend the village of Mornas (Vaucluse).

Céline thank you, we await the release of your new album “Héroïnescence”!

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