The Late Gregory Hickamn Williams continues to inspire!

The Late Gregory Hickamn Williams continues to inspire!

Rare media has been being teased in October and it’s Finally here.

“No Images” a poem by William Waring Cuney and adapted by Nina Simone is now a lyric Video for all to enjoy

Gregory Hickman-Williams was a vocal prodigy, born on January 18, 1957, in St. Louis,

Missouri. He was a classically trained pianist and exceptional talent, with a voice that span the

genres of opera, classical, blues, jazz, and Negro spirituals. His phenomenal voice, with a power

that could silence a room, filled halls and auditoriums at iconic venues that span the globe

including Carnegie Hall, TUMC in Berkeley, CA, and in countries like Germany, and Barcelona.

Despite his tragic passing on August 26, 2006, curiosity still reigns due to his unforgetable impression he left on all those who had a chance to hear his voice in person

Greg studied with some of the greatest baritones worldwide, including Gino Bechi, in Florence Italy.