6 Ways To Better Care For Short Hair

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If you have just cut your hair short, you will likely love the freedom that it offers since you will no longer have to deal with the mess that long hair can create. However, caring for the short hair is quite different from caring for the longer hair you sported until recently.  And below, we list out six ways you can take care of your short hair.

  1. Smooth Brushing

One advantage of short hair is that it is not too prone to tangles like long hair. As such, you will only need to brush it less frequently. However, if you do see that the short hair is in tangles, smoothly brush it with a wide tooth comb. You can also use your fingers instead. This will help to give your hair some volume at the root, which will enable you to shape your hair any way you want in an easier way.

  1. Get It Trimmed On Time

In order for the short hair to maintain its shape, it is necessary that you get regular trims. Without trimming, the ends of the hair can start intertwining, making it very difficult for you to style and manage it. Ideally, you should trim your hair once a month.

  1. Regular Cleaning

Short hair tends to become greasier than long hair. As such, it will require more frequent cleaning. It is recommended that you use a natural shampoo to rinse the hair while washing it. Keep the lather for about 15 minutes before clearing it off.

  1. Cut Down On Hair Products

Some people have the tendency to use several products on their hair. And most of the times, these hair products will not be natural but contain chemicals. Usage of such products can easily damage your hair over a period of time. The short hair will start becoming brittle and will break off rather easily. As such, it is highly recommended that you use fewer hair care products. Only use those which are essential to keep your hair clean and healthy. And as far as possible, try to use natural products which contain little to no harmful chemicals.

  1. Protect From Heat

When trying to create curls, you will find heating rods to be the best way to curl short hair. While this may be true, it is also true that exposing your hair to hot temperatures for an extended period of time will damage it. Hence, you should ensure that you apply a heat protection spray or lotion on your hair before you start the styling process. This application will act as a barrier between the heat and the hair, thereby ensuring that hair does not get too damaged from the heat.

  1. Mind The Scalp

Be sure to clean up your scalp too. Scalp build-up can easily result in dryness, flakes, etc. As a result, your short hair can get weak and start falling off. Try getting an exfoliating scalp treatment every now and then. This should remove the build-up on the scalp and revitalize it.

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